Silk Rose Petals White Iridescent

White Iridescent rose petals look magical against white or ivory tablecloths with it shimmering colour that changes as it catches the light. It also works well when mixed with coloured metallic petals. Perfect for a social occasion or an extravagant bath. High quality silk rose petals.
SKU: s109

White Iridescent Silk Rose Petals add an elegant and enchanting touch to your floral arrangements. These silk rose petals feature a beautiful iridescent finish, which creates a shimmering effect as they catch the light. The white color adds a classic and timeless element to any occasion, making them suitable for weddings, special events, or home decor. Crafted from high-quality silk, these artificial flower petals have a realistic texture and appearance. Create a magical atmosphere with the White Iridescent Silk Rose Petals and enhance the beauty of your floral designs.